Destiny 2: Warmind

warmind key art.JPG


Role: Designer

  • Creation of Open-World Adventure activities

  • Encounter iteration and Playtest Coordination

  • Creation and Upkeep of Documentation

  • Communication and Coordination with partner studios

Development Info

  • Team Size: 700+

  • Genre: FPS

  • Engine: Proprietary

  • Release Date: May 8, 2018


Design Challenges

Time Zones: I was brought in later than most into the project to help finish strong. This required me to understand the design of and expand upon one of the activities I was given. Our partner studio was three hours ahead of us, in Eastern Time, and required careful and considerate communication and coordination on both our parts to ensure that the project would succeed.

Make New, the Old: The Adventure that I am most proud of in this release is Psionic Potential. It features a callback to the Destiny strike “The Dust Palace” where Psion Flayers are attacking another facility similar to the one that exists in Destiny 2: Warmind. I thought it would be fun to connect the two games and locations by having new Psions attempt to take up the mantle of Flayer and set about finding some of their original assets to be brought forward into Destiny 2. Fans and Lore buffs recalled the unique entrance particles as the new Flayers spawned into view. Seeing a few Lore Buffs freak out because of them made all of the tweaking and noodling worth it.

My Role

As a Designer on Destiny 2: Warmind, I had a variety of responsibilities that I had to keep in mind and juggle simultaneously:

  • Designed and implemented an Adventure on Mars from start to finish

  • Implemented and expanded upon another Adventure that was assigned to me to finish

  • Ensured that my Adventure content had correct Audio and Narrative

  • Wrote and kept up documentation on the activities I created, facilitating communication with test org and leadership

  • Kitbashed and re-purposed content to provide new gameplay mechanics and experiences with existing assets, namely the Psion Flayer spawn-in animations