Destiny 2: Forsaken

forsaken key art.jpg


Role: Designer

  • Creation of Open-World Adventure activities

  • Creation of and Implementation of various ritual activities

  • Design and implementation of End-game content

  • Encounter iteration and Playtest Coordination

  • Creation and Upkeep of Documentation

  • Hiding of End-game hidden content

Development Info

  • Team Size: 700+

  • Genre: FPS

  • Engine: Proprietary

  • Release Date: September 4, 2018


Design Challenges

New Hats to Wear: I got to learn a great deal of new tools and workflows to ensure that the ritual content that I was to create was functional and enjoyable. Learning these new workflows gave my brain a break and offered a change of pace compared to my more traditional activity work that I was creating concurrently.

Think Like an Explorer: One of my favorite tasks in all of my career was to hide a pair of the Last Wish codes for the raid. At last! An easter egg to hide, literally! I was asked to hide two of these codes in the open-world for explorers to find and share with the rest of the community. I asked what felt like dozens of my coworkers their opinions on how difficult the locations I selected would be and iterated on them several times, finally ending up with one difficult to find and one easy to find. Or so I thought. I expected the one placed on the back of a door to be the easy one for players to find, and the one that had to be found by crouching between two slabs of architecture and illuminated with a grenade to be the difficult to find code. I was so very wrong. The one on the back of a door was found almost eight days after the one that needed to be illuminated. Hiding things in plain sight is indeed a powerful skill and I apparently have it.

My Role

As a Designer on Destiny 2: Forsaken, I had a variety of new responsibilities that I had never had before and some familiar ones as well:

  • Designed and implemented a weekly end-game activity from start to finish: Spider Wanted Bounty on Mercury: Combustor Valus

  • Created and Added nine new Silent Events in the vanilla Destiny 2 destinations for the Wanted Bounties

  • Wrote and kept up documentation on the activities I created, facilitating communication with test org and leadership

  • Re-purposed content to provide new gameplay mechanics and experiences with existing assets, namely the Cabal shield dome that emits fire and then the pickup objects that grant the player a charge of overshield to help them weather the flames

  • Added hidden end-game items to the game that would alter the experience of the Last Wish raid