About Me

Greetings and thank you for stopping by my website!

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My name is Erik Vaughn. I am currently living and working in Bellevue, WA at Bungie where I create fun, interactive activities in Destiny 2. In May 2014, I graduated from the Guildhall at Southern Methodist University with a Masters degree in Interactive Technology. During my time there, I found my stride as a world builder and built lasting friendships with my teammates.

I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember - 

My older brother convinced my parents to get an NES when I was barely a year old, and to this day, video games continue to strengthen my bond with my brother despite living thousands of miles from each other.

While playing video games is indeed fun, I enjoy making video games because I want to tell a story. I want to have the next generation of gamers stay up all night discussing and fighting about a story I helped create. Games have the power to connect people through a shared experience, like how everyone who played Battletoads intimately understands how frustrating the hoverbike level is, or how sad it was when you-know-who gets stabbed in Final Fantasy VII. Players who barely even speak the same language can share an experience through games. That is what I want to help make.

When I'm not creating worlds or playing through them I like to pursue other interests I've picked up over the years. Interests such as: astrophotography, anime, pen and paper RPG's, Shaolin Kung Fu, costuming, music, and reading.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please feel free to email me at erik@erikvaughn.com or call me at 817-791-0884.

Interesting Factoids:

  • I am an amateur astrophotographer and wildlife photographer, a gallery can be found below

  • I loved learning Shaolin Martial Arts and am looking for a new school to learn

  • I can play the bass guitar and (sort of) the ukulele

  • I studied in Germany (Leipzig) for a summer

  • I am a crack shot with Nerf weaponry

  • My Favorite TV show is Futurama

  • Some of my favorite games are The Halo Series, Battletoads, the Fallout Series, Kerbal Space Program, Destruction Derby 64, and Chromehounds